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Advance Eating is a source of evidence-based nutrition information, education materials and educational programmes that promotes knowledge about nutrition among children and teenagers.

Nutrition education

Nutrition education for children

Prevention of diseases starts in childhood, when children are developing their eating habits and their relationship with food. Let's use this time to teach children about nutrition, healthy eating habits and how these are linked to good health.

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teenagers nutrition

Nutrition education for youngsters

Our youngsters require support in preparing for independent adult life. Understanding nutrition is an important life skill and enables young people to make healthy eating choices and understanding the impact of these on their health and the environment.

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Happy family in the kitchen

Parents support

Parents have an enormous amount of power to influence their child's health. Research shows that children copy their parent's lifestyle and follow it in their adult life. By being a good role model and educator, parents provide the foundations on which their children can build a healthy future.

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