Delicious kale chips in 10 minutes

Do you love potato chips? I know, this crispy taste and flavour we cannot resist. But, it's also full of ...
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organic shopping

Is organic food worth buying? A complete summary of facts and how to shop.

In modern terms, the organic trend began in Europe in the 1920s. The negative impact of chemicals used in agriculture ...
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Flaxseed, banana, mint smoothie

Flaxseed, banana, mint and coconut smoothie

Flaxseed, banana, mint and coconut smoothie is the easiest way to get your daily omega 3 and a quarter of ...
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Prebiotics, probiotics, let’s feed gut bacteria

There are more than 100 trillion bacteria 1 in our digestive system living with us, and if we take care ...
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green beans stew

Vegan Green Bean Stew

This simple green bean stew is surprisingly full of flavours. It will make you dig into your cooked pot again ...
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sugar and sweeteners

Sugar free alternative – sweeteners. We got it all wrong again!

The sweet taste of sugar is rewarding, it feels good, and we now precisely understand how it influences brain activity ...
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beetroot salad presentation

Beetroot fruit salad

Craving something sweet? Yes, we all do. Try my beetroot salad with banana, carrot and apple as a fantastic substitution ...
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butter fat

Is fat friend or enemy? What fat, when and how to use it.

One of the most harmful messages that circulates among the public is a fear of fat consumption. However, there is ...
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vegetable salad ingredients

Boosting Vegetable Salad

Increase your veggie intake with my delicious, juicy vegetable salad of colourful taste leaving your taste buds tingling from a combination ...
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health control

Don’t blame DNA for all health problems

There is a great misconception about the way we perceive how much control we have over our health. From the ...
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