Is organic food worth buying? A complete summary of facts and how to shop.

organic shopping

In modern terms, the organic trend began in Europe in the 1920s. The negative impact of chemicals used in agriculture was an assumption at a time for which evidence was needed. Nowadays, the evidence is mounting. Due to this, we had to ban some chemicals and create additional limits for others so that their levels were not toxic for our bodies.

It is probably clear that I am not going to defend conventional food production but there are some interesting facts that can help you make a better decision in the store.

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Vegan Green Bean Stew

green beans stew

This simple green bean stew is surprisingly full of flavours. It will make you dig into your cooked pot again and again! Also, a few meat-free meals added to your weekly menu will not only help increase your veggie intake but also put your gut to rest from meat digestion for a while. Try it out!

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Sugar free alternative – sweeteners. We got it all wrong again!

sugar and sweeteners

The sweet taste of sugar is rewarding, it feels good, and we now precisely understand how it influences brain activity and calms our nerves. Can we become addicted to it? Can we adapt to certain level of sweetness and then, without noticing, increase the dose to satisfy our brain?  Yes, we can.1,2 And more alarming, the sugar influences our DNA and activation of our genes!3 Are you someone who thinks that when you replace sugar with sweeteners, you are making better choice? Well, this article might help you make up your mind. Read more

Beetroot fruit salad

beetroot salad presentation

Craving something sweet? Yes, we all do. Try my beetroot salad with banana, carrot and apple as a fantastic substitution to a cake. You will be surprised how beautifully it tastes without adding any sugar.

To swap sweets and cakes for fruit is a great way to improve your health and eliminate diseases. Let’s get into the habit!

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Boosting Vegetable Salad

vegetable salad ingredients

Increase your veggie intake with my delicious, juicy vegetable salad of colourful taste leaving your taste buds tingling from a combination of sweet, salty, and spicy flavour. When you mix vegetable with oil and spices, it becomes harmonious dish boosting your health and nourishing your body.

To make vegetable one meal a day instead of sides dish is one of the first steps to better health and disease prevention.  Read more

Don’t blame DNA for all health problems

health control

There is a great misconception about the way we perceive how much control we have over our health. From the time of DNA discovery, we gradually accepted that we are what is written in our DNA. It's true that our DNA is the code for every feature and function of our body, however, we crossed a dangerous line when we began to blame DNA solely for our health issues. We are looking back at our family history and tracking what diseases our ancestors suffered from, as well as accepting that we are likely to experience the same health problems. Read more