Nutrition education at school

Advanced Eating for Kids

WHY educating children about nutrition is IMPORTANT?

Children’s eating behavior is linked with parenting style (1).

Dietary habits are associated with children’s school performance (2)

One in ten children in reception and one in five children at year six are obese (3).

Obesity and type 2 diabetes have been associated with unhealthy eating habits learnt during the childhood (4).

 Four in five children consider their diet healthy but the majority of children are not meeting dietary requirements (5).

Therefore, its time to make nutrition a compulsory part of children’s education and emphasise its importance from an early age, while children are developing their eating habits.


Smarty Foodies project aids primary schools in the provision of nutrition education:

  • Interactive and engaging sessions.
  • Flexible and tailored programmes.
  • Children meet their core competencies and learning goals.
  • Schools meet the national curriculum requirements and teaching goals.

Incorporating nutrition education into your teaching practice and meeting the national curriculum requirement cannot be easier! 

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Advanced Eating for Kids