I'm a genetics and molecular biologist, nutritionist and PhD student in Nutrition at the University of Manchester. My great mission is to teach children and youngsters about nutrition. I believe understanding of nutrition and connection between our body and our health is a powerful way to shape healthier young generations and reduce many population diseases.

My passion led me to science. After a bachelor degree in general biology, I completed a master in genetics and molecular cytology. During the studies, I specialised in cancer research. I worked with cancer cells in the laboratory, but when I discovered epigenetics, my life took a different direction.


I became fascinated by the effect of the environment on genes. Particularly, I became interested in nutrition and physical activity, two main factors in our everyday lives that significantly influence our genes, and thus our health.

Therefore, I decided to continue with studies of nutrition and exercise to obtain my second master degree. Currently, I am in the process of completing my doctorate in Nutrition.

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While studying, I completed a level 2 fitness trainer certificate and worked as a fitness trainer, especially enjoying Zumba classes.


Apart from fitness, I worked also with children during my studies as a summer programme coordinator and as childminder, which gives me in total a six years of experience working with children.

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And even though, it might look like very unusual working combination, it allowed me to gain experiences and build knowledge that creates a basis for the Advance Eating initiative and my nutrition education programme for children.

Let's teach kids about nutrition, human body and nature to empower them to become healthy adults, caring for their bodies and the environment.

Member of Professional bodies:
  • British Dietetic Association
  • European Society For Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism
  • The Nutrition Society
  • School of Health Sciences, Manchester Academy Health Science Centre, the University of Manchester

You can get in touch with me at info@advancedeating.com.

Thank you for visiting.

Jana Sremanakova